Longer term solutions to back pain

In the longer term, whether you have a stiff achy lower back or a nerve that has become irritated, it may well be due to a lack of support around the lumbar spine from the corset of muscles that make up the abdominal wall.

The spine needs to work in unison with the powerful muscles around the hips and pelvis. As symptoms calm down we can address the stability of the spine, the strength of the hips and look at the patterns of real life movements such as walking, bending and reaching. Can you perform these tasks smoothly and efficiently? Does your back have the robustness to cope with a little extra load such as picking up a basket of washing from the floor?

Modified clinical Pilates in the clinic is a great way of assessing how you are moving. How often do you see a physical therapist and they don’t really assess how you walk and move in daily life?

By helping you find strategies to move safely and efficiently, I can help to correct habitual patterns of movement that keep taxing your lower back. It is not about finding faults or blaming everything on ‘bad posture’ but trying to give you the tools to cope with the things that life throws at you.