Does running damage your knees and is cycling better?

See Inside Health Tuesday 24th July 2018

Runner, cyclist, GP and Inside Health regular, Dr Margaret McCartney goes to the new Motion Analysis Lab at Glasgow's Jubilee Hospital and asks Orthopaedic Surgeon and competitive cyclist Jason Roberts about the latest evidence.

According to the programme running, assuming your knees are healthy to begin with, can actually be beneficial because the loading of the joints over time creates stresses on the knees which the body then adapts to by laying down more protective healthy joint cartilage. Furthermore, the on off loading on the joints creates a pumping action driving the synovial fluid in the knee joint into the cartilage and creating a healthy exchange of fluid through the cartilage cells.

As an older runner myself, I feel that this rings true and there are further benefits not touched on in the programme including improved muscle strength around the knee from running, as well as the benefits of better balance, muscle endurance and coordination of movement. 

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