Is muscle more dense than fat?

See Inside Health Tuesday 15th January 2019

Inside health on BBC Radio 4 hosted by Dr Mark Porter tries to answer the question of a listener who despite following a weight watchers diet put on a little weight. She had also been going to the gym and took comfort from the fact that 'muscle weighs more than fat' or does it?

Dr Porter talks to Jason Gill, professor of cardio metabolic medicine at University of Glasgow. It is indeed true that muscle mass is 15% heavier than fat but you need to do a lot of exercise to burn calories. So the ideal scenario is to follow an exercise regime and reduce calories. He also discusses how even a small amount of fat loss can have hugely significant health benefits because we are losing the more dangerous visceral fat.

What happens to muscles as we age?

This topic is also discussed on the ame programme. Elaine Dennison, professor of Musculoskeletal Epidemiology at the University of Southampton explains why muscle is under researched part of the body and how we lose muscle mass and strength in middle age and what we can do to prevent it.
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