Osteoarthritis of the knee case study

Simon, a retired professional, came to see me with long standing moderate arthritic pain in the right knee and regular but intermittent lower back pain. The X-ray reports of the right knee and lumbar spine painted a gloomy picture showing fairly notable bony changes. Despite this he was able to garden and walk but had stopped playing golf because he found it aggravated the symptoms. He was not keen to have a knee replacement as he felt he could manage okay and had been advised nothing could be done surgically for his spine.

I felt if we could strengthen the muscles around the hips and pelvis and improve his balance this would take the strain off the lower back and knees. After a couple of visits to the clinic to assess the level of mobility and ease the presenting symptoms, Simon started hydrotherapy. After 4 sessions he began to feel the benefit and has begun to play 9 holes of golf on a regular basis again.