Osteopathy is a system of healthcare that uses hands on treatment to help alleviate the symptoms of:

  • lower back pain and sciatica
  • neck pain including whiplash injuries
  • shoulder problems such as frozen shoulder and rotator cuff issues
  • hip and knee problems
  • joint strains such as tennis elbow, running injuries and plantar fasciitis
  • repetitive strain injury, neck and sporting injuries
  • stress headaches.

The osteopath will use hands on techniques such as stretching, massage, and joint manipulation to treat pain and restore a normal range of movement.

Can I refer myself?

Yes, many people refer themselves without consulting their GP. Registered osteopaths are trained to assess whether osteopathy is appropriate for a particular patient OR whether they should be referred back to their GP for further tests such as x-rays or MRI scans.

Do doctors refer Patients for osteopathy?

The distinctive manual skills of a registered osteopath in diagnosis and treatment are increasingly accepted by GPs as a safe and useful therapy for patients suffering from spinal and joint pain. Recent NICE guidelines for lower back pain suggest GPs offer either an exercise programme or a course of manual therapy including manipulation. The clinic is operated on a private fee-paying basis, although most health insurance companies will cover the cost of treatment – see fees.

Do you combine treatments?

Having 30 years’ experience and being a registered osteopath, movement specialist and registered acupuncturist, Hugh can use any of his skills in a combination of ways to provide the safest and most effective treatment. He almost always uses some activity in his treatments. Sometimes, he uses movement in a very subtle way to stimulate change and to suggest to the mind and body a different pathway to move. And at other times Hugh use exercises in a more challenging way to encourage integration and synchronisation of movement patterns. The end goal is that you find treatments are fun and enjoyable as well as making your recovery more resilient.

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