Plantar fasciitis case study

Paul came to see me with chronic plantar fasciitis. The plantar fascia is a band of very strong fibrous tissue that stretches along the sole of the foot and maintains the arch of the foot. Once inflamed it feels as if you have trodden on a sharp peddle – only the pain doesn’t go away. Curiously it is often worse on first getting up in the morning. Sometimes it is related to a sudden increase in walking or running but more commonly it is due to wearing flat shoes or wellington boots with no arch support.

Since we are up and down in the day so frequently it can be a very difficult condition to treat. I find it best to use a combined approach of acupuncture, soft tissue massage and specialist Kinesiology taping. The taping relieves the ‘pull’ of the fascial band each time your heel strikes the ground.

Within three visits Paul was significantly better and returned to cutting up logs wearing a decent pair of boots.