Clinical Pilates

Clinical Pilates sessions use the principles of Pilates in a slightly different way to how you may have experienced them in a class.

Firstly, the way you perform simple tasks like moving from sitting to standing up are observed. Then specific tests are applied, to see if you can stabilise the spine in different positions – standing up, sitting or lying down. And finally, balance and stability, certain combinations of movements, and running or walking are evaluated.

Often these tests highlight areas of weakness or instability. By tweaking the exercises to make them a little easier, the tests then become the exercise. For example, if you are unable to lunge forward without pain in your lower back, the exercise might become stepping up smoothly onto a step and down again to learn to control the change of direction.

Giving isolated strengthening and stretching exercises often do not directly relate to how the body is used in daily and sporting activities. Matching rehabilitation to function is important. It is no use telling a runner to swim. Swimming does not help the runner stabilise the hip, knee and ankle under the repetitive impact of landing on the outstretched foot.

Whatever the sport or activity you aim to pursue or improve, a fully personalised exercise plan will be developed for you.


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